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Real Estate Lawyer

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Law Help - Need help with contracts, paperwork, owner financing, lease option agreements or other real estate law help - You may be looking for a real estate attorney.  If so check out Stratton Law at www.strattonlegal.com.  When you choose the Complete Real Estate Solution from Tri Cities Homes For Sale we offer free legal help from a local real estate attorney to answer your questions and to customize your contracts to meet your needs.

Tri Cities Homes For SaleSelling A Home?

We help Tri Cities For Sale By Owners stay For Sale by Owners. We have found that most For Sale By Owners will list their home within just a few months of putting their home on the market.  This is because most For Sale By Owners don't really know what they are doing and don't have the needed tools to sell their home by themselves.  Here at Tri Cities Homes For Sale we offer the know-how and the tools needed to succeed as a For Sale By Owner. Click here to read more about selling your home on your own.

Buying a Home?

Buying a home in the Tri Cities without professional real estate help can be a frightening experience.  Whether you are buying a home that is listed or a home for sale by owner we can represent you throughout the process and it won’t cost you anything. Buying a home is a very important and expansive decision!   Tri Cities Homes For Sale can help you all the way through the home buying experience. Click here to read more about buying a home in the Tri Cities area. 

 now offering Hot Sheets:

Stratton Real Estate is trying to take some of the hassle and time out of the home search. We are now offering Weekly or even Daily Hot Sheets. A hot sheet is simply an email of all the new listings that match your criteria. Even in this market when the perfect home comes on the market it goes fast - It takes time to sort through all the listings each day to see if the perfect home has just been listed – and it is too easy to miss the right home among all the wrong ones. With our daily hot sheets we take the hassle out of the search process by doing it for you! We only send you the homes that fit within your criteria. This is a free service with no obligation. Click Here to learn more and fill out the hot sheet request form.

Why be a For Sale By Owner?

In today's market, many sellers do not have 7% to 10% in equity. With regular listing fees, and Washington's high sellers closing fees, it can cost 8% or more at closing when selling a home listed with a Real Estate Agent.  (Even For sale by owners are stuck with between 2% and 3% in closing costs).  In the Tri Cities, home values have not declined as much as the rest of Washington, but despite what some real estate professionals will tell you, they have declined at least a few percent from what they were 3 years ago.  So if you haven't owned your home in the Tri Cities for 6 or more years you likely don't have the equity built up to pay a full commission and closing costs without it eating into your own pocket. 

By Selling by owner you can often save 6% or more of those closing costs. On an average $200,000 home, that is a savings of $12,000.  If you are trying to sell your home by owner we recommend putting at least some of that savings into marketing, lawyer work, and professional assistance.  That is where Tri Cities Homes For Sale can step in and help.  We offer everything from for sale by owner marketing solutions to Full For Sale By Owner selling solutions starting at just $299. 

Most agents will spent a minimum of $500 and often over $1000 marketing a home - so don't make the mistake of thinking that as a For Sale By Owner you can spend nothing - We offer a great Internet marketing program that places your home on over 10 of the hottest real estate websites and we can even give you the option to put your home on the local Tri Cities Real Estate MLS.

Why Buy a For Sale By Owner?

This is a harder question to answer.  For most home buyers, buying a home without professional representation doesn't make sense.  While it is possible that you may save a few thousand buying a home from an owner. It is more likely that you will pay thousands to much without the familiarity of the Tri Cities real estate market that a professional real estate agent brings to the table.  For a buyer, an agent is almost always worth the money because it isn't the home buyers money - the buyers agent gets payed out of the sellers proceeds (Of course the sellers proceeds do come from the home buyer, so the home buyer could argue that, at least indirectly, the agent is getting the buyers money). 

Buying a home is a big decision and paying too much for a home could have negative effects for years.  In the Tri Cities, home values can change dramatically in just a few blocks because of location, school zones, house ages, or just the perception of the neighborhood.  Getting into a bad loan can cause a lot of headaches as well.  So can any number of other factors.  A good Tri Cites real estate professional is familiar with the various neighborhoods, loan products, house values, school districts, inspectors, loan officers, and all the other factors that go into buying a home.   

At Tri Cities Homes For Sale we can help you buy any home in the Tri Cities area.  We don't care if it is listed or for sale by owner, and almost all of the time we will get our compensation from the seller.  We don't ask for 3% or more like many real estate professionals in the area, so almost all of the time for sale by owners are happy to pay our fees even thought we represent you - the buyer.  Most of the time they feel that what we are asking is worth it just to know all of the paperwork and contracts will be valid and meet the legal requirements in Washington.

So let us here at Tri Cities Homes For Sale help you with your next Tri Cities home purchase.


Our Tri Cities Real Estate Office

Tri Cities Real Estate has an office located at 326 Kennewick Ave, Kennewick Washington. For a map and driving directions visit the About Us page.


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